Monday, November 18, 2013


The official paperwork came in the mail today from our caseworker, which completes our home study and approves us for adoption placement!

We were originally hoping to be approved somewhere around Thanksgiving/early December, so it was a nice surprise to have it arrive early. Wahoo!

So what does this mean exactly?

Our first (huge) step in our adoption process is now complete. We’re officially approved to be parents.

Next, we will be applying with individual adoption agencies and waiting for a match with a birth mom.

We will receive information on situations where birth moms are ready to make an adoption plan for their baby. The mother might be three months along in her pregnancy, or she might be going into labor! Because we don’t know when we will be matched with a birth mom, or how far along she is in her pregnancy, we don’t have a clue how long it’ll be until we bring our baby home. But, we have to be ready at any time… which is way exciting and extremely nerve-racking at the same time!

Can’t wait to have a little one in our arms.

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  1. Super excited for you guys! We have 2 adopted kiddos and both had such awesome stories! Will be praying for you! Waiting is the hardest part...but SOOOOO worth it :)