Adoption Timeline

9/4/13                  Submitted Application to Christian Adoption Consultants.

9/10/13                Contacted case worker to conduct our home study.

9/14/13                Made our first adoption announcements with family.

9/29/13               First meeting with case worker for our home study.

10/1/13                Got our fingerprints inked at the police station for the FBI.

10/2/13                Started adoption blog.

10/13/13              Final home visit with our case worker.

11/18/13               Officially approved for our home study!

11/25/13               Received Family Profiles in the mail.

12/2/13                 Submitted applications to three different adoption agencies.

12/27/13              Received news that birth mom #1 didn’t choose us.

1/12/13                 Got THE CALL that we have been matched with a birth mom, due Valentine’s Day in Florida with a baby BOY!

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