How You Can Help

Pray for us!
We are in the midst of a long, often confusing process that comes with a rollercoaster of emotions. We need prayers to help guide us through the process. We need prayers that God will provide financially for our adoption expenses. We need prayers for good prenatal care for the birthmother. We need prayers for a healthy little baby who God has chosen to bring into our lives.

Support our fundraisers!
  • Just Love Coffee Roasters is an organization that was created to help families raise funds to adopt. Buy some coffee and help us fund our adoption. We'll be continuing this fundraiser throughout the remainder of our adoption journey. Read more about it in our original post.
  • For our Husband vs. Wife Challenge in November, we sold homemade items such as cookie dough, scarves, and soup. We also did all sorts of odd jobs to see who could raise the most money during the month. Erika won, and our total amount raised was $2,600.
  • In December, our friends Shelley and Chris surprised us by organizing a fundraiser for us with their homemade salsa! Sales brought in $530 for our baby fund.

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