Sunday, October 13, 2013

For Coffee Lovers!

Let me ask you a few questions:
  1. Are you the kind of person who can’t function in the morning without your daily dose of caffeine? 
  2. Do you support fair-trade products to help producers in third-world countries earn a living wage? 
  3. Maybe you just love us and want to support our cause? :)

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, let me introduce you to Just Love Coffee Roasters, which is an organization that was created to help families raise funds to adopt.

The Mission of Just Love Coffee
At Just Love Coffee Roasters, our mission is to bring out the unique qualities inherent in each coffee bean. We do this by taking a small-batch artisan approach to all of our specialty coffees. We don’t use automation or computers during the roast process, but instead carefully roast every batch to perfection using smell, sight, sound, touch, and taste. We’re always searching for the best Fair Trade, organic, and shade-grown coffee beans available.

And as passionate as we are about creating outstanding artisan coffees, we are equally passionate about helping those in need. Every delectable cup of Just Love Coffee you drink has a portion of its proceeds go to someone who could use a helping hand. In our first two years of business we have given over $200,000 to adopting families, non-profit organizations, and the arts.

Just Love Coffee Roasters donates 5% of their profits to Waterstep, which provides technology and training for creating clean water wherever it’s needed.

How to Purchase

  1. Visit our fundraising webpage:
  2. Click on the green "Shop & Support" link on the left-hand side of the page.
  3. Purchase coffee for yourself or for a friend! It's just that simple. You get to drink a good cup of coffee while helping us fund our adoption process.

What are the Proceed Amounts?
13oz. Coffees (non-small lot): $5
8oz. Coffee (non-small lot): $3.50
10-count Single-Serve Cups: $2.50
Tour of The World (4) 8oz. Sampler: $7
Coffee Cupper's (11) 8oz. Sampler: $19
Jamaica Blue Mountain (small lot): 4oz. ($3)  13oz. ($9)
Special Blend–I Love Mom: $5
Special Blend–Pinky Beans (Available in October only): $0
T-Shirts: $5
Sale T-Shirts: $3
Sale Hoodie: $4
Beanie: $3
Hat: $3
Stoneware Mug: $2
16oz. Steel Tumbler: $2
Aeropress: $5
Aeropress Microfilters: $.25
Coffee Scoop: $1
Chemex Brewer: $3
Chemex Filters: $0
LaMarzocco Espresso Machine: $0

Tastes of Africa (4) 8oz. Sampler: $7


  1. May your cup overflow with blessings!
    Looking forward to brewing a pot of coffee.
    Love, Mom & Dad B

  2. Can't wait to try my coffee! Love, Joe & Michelle